Updated November 16, 2021

  • Everyone 12+ attending the festival or the Gala Concert in person will need to show their Covid-19 vaccination record with the QR code (or provide a privately paid negative test). 18+ also need to show ID.
  • Here is a link to get a vaccination record with a QR code:

  • Everyone aged 12 & up who enters the festival venue (Holy Trinity Anglican Church) will have to show proof of full vaccination (2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine).
  • Everyone (all ages) must wear a mask the entire time even while performing.
  • Students in classes with wind instruments may remove their mask for their performance.
  • Anyone unable to follow these protocols must choose the online performance option.

Online Performance Option

  • Everyone has the option to perform in their class virtually over Zoom. There will not be any pre-recorded videos this year. 
  • The Zoom links for each room will be included in the program that will be available shortly before the festival weekend & also emailed to all participants. 
  • We recommend students find a place to play with a strong internet connection & avoid others also using the internet at the same time.
  • You can indicate how you anticipate you will be participating on the festival application form but you have the option to switch if you change your mind later.