2023 Featured Composers: 

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Here is a list of many Alberta composers. There may be more not listed here.

Andrix, George
Archer, Violet
Bashaw, Howard
Bell, Allan G.
Blair, Dean G.
Boon, Rolf
Cooney, Cheryl
Ding, Han
Donkin, Christine
Eagle, David
Forsyth, Malcolm
Garritano, Carolyn & Keri Puckrin
Gilliland, Allan
Hannah, Ronald
Hindman, Heather
Ho, Vincent
Horwood, Michael
Jancewicz, Peter
Johnston, Richard
King, Margaret
Lee, Hope
Pinckney, Joyce
Purves, Linda
Randall, Jan
Rosen, Robert
Rudzik, Peter
Sastok, Helve
Schmidt, Heather
Stolte, Charles
Stephen, Roberta
Talpash, Andriy
Tongur, Ilkim
Watson, Robert Cameron