2019 Featured Composers: 

Anne Crosby Gaudet
Gerhard Wuensch

Both are listed in the CMC database
Find Anne Crosby Gaudet’s music here: https://musicdiscoveries.shop

Piano works by Gerhard Wuensch:

Twelve Glimpses into 20th Cent Idioms Op. 37/’69 [Boosey & Hawkes]- $20.50
Spectrum 30 Studies in contemporary idioms/’69 [Leeds]- Out of Print
Mini Suite No. 1/’69 [Boosey & Hawkes]- $13.50
A Merry Suite Op. 26/’72 [Mayfair music]- Out of Print
A Winter Foursome Op. 39/’72- Waterloo Publication-  $8.95
Shades of Ivory Excursions through Popular Dance Rhythms/’75 [Mayfair music]- $10.95
Mini Suite No. 2 Op. 71/’79- Boosey & Hawkes- $6.50
Ping Pong Anyone? Nine Miniatures for Piano/’86 [Frederick Harris]- Out of Print

Sonatine Op. 3/’51- $14.95
Canzone and Toccata Op. 20/‘63- $13.95
Six Little Etudes Studies in 20th Cent Idioms/’69- $12.95
Esquisse Op. 2/’70- $13.95
Valses nostalgiques Op. 61/‘72- $24.95
Sonata Op. 73/‘77- $22.95
Suite Francais/’85- $11.95
Mini Suite 3 Op. 87/’85- $10.95
Variations for Piano Op. 90/‘86- $11.95
Sonatine fur Klavier Op. 102/’92- $18.95

The pricing is provided by Remenyi House of Music, Toronto  https://remenyi.com