Virtual Entry Information 2023

Virtual Participation will be available for students as follows:

  • students in Alberta or NWT who do not have a Contemporary Showcase Festival in their region
  • students in other provinces who have teachers in the greater Edmonton area
  • students who live outside a 50 km radius of Edmonton
  • students who are sick with covid symptoms
  • please note that the Zoom links will only be active during classes with Virtual participants
  • virtual participants will attend live via Zoom

Step 1: Provide your music by November 16

If possible, instead of scanning your music, we would prefer you make arrangements with your teacher for your music to be delivered to 10327 – 137 St by Nov. 16 or brought to your festival class by your teacher if they will be at the festival in person. Please provide your name and class number on the music. If unable to do this, then follow the instructions below to provide a scan of your music. Only original scores (show cover) or legally downloaded scores with proof of purchase are permitted. You will still need an original copy at home to work from during the adjudication.

Students should provide a PDF of their music by November 13 by email to

Photos/scans Take photos or scans of your music for the piece(s) you will be performing in the festival. Save all pages into a single PDF file.

Copyright – To prove you own an original music score, include a photo or scan of the cover of the book. If you are using a digital download, include a copy of the receipt. Some digital downloads have information on the bottom of the page showing proof of purchase.

Step 2: Join Your Festival Class using Zoom

Performers join the festival class – Your confirmation letter will include your class day & time scheduled sometime on Nov 17-19 weekend. You will join using Zoom to perform & receive your feedback. There may be a combination of in-person & online students in the class. The clinician may also ask you to try something at the piano (just like an online piano lesson). Parents can watch from the same room or go into another room to watch from their own device.

Please arrange to perform from a place that has good internet quality. Ideally, no other devices should be used at the same time as your performance and adjudication. Use the audio settings on Zoom to set up “original sound” and turn it “ON” on the main screen. You should also check the boxes for “High-fidelity music mode” and “Echo cancellation”.  Please place the recording device to show all of you while you perform. Side view is best for keyboard performers.

You will be given a Zoom link to attend the actual class during the festival. Be prepared to work with the clinician at your own instrument during the adjudication. If you “pin” the clinician on the Zoom screen, you can see them best throughout your adjudication.

Please be patient to be admitted to the Zoom class – we may not be admitting people during adjudications of the previous class.

Please stay muted unless being spoken to directly or during your adjudication.

You may share the Zoom link with extended family supporters.

Audience members – There will be  a Zoom link & meeting ID in the program that you can send to parents, teachers, grandparents & anyone else who would like to watch your class. This link will also be emailed to you a few days before your performance.

Step 3: Certificates & Adjudication sheets

Your certificate & adjudication sheet, will be delivered or mailed to your teacher after the festival.

If you need assistance with any step in the virtual entry process contact:
Carolyn Garritano