Virtual Entry Information

If you need assistance with any step in the virtual entry process contact:
Carolyn Garritano

Step 1: Provide your music

Option #1: If possible, please arrange with your teacher for the original music score to be delivered to 10327 – 137 Street, Edmonton by Nov. 19.
Music should include a note with your class number, name and selection.
Option #2: If this is not possible, please upload a scan of your music as follows:

Photos/scans Take photos or scans of your music for the piece(s) you will be performing in the festival. Save all pages into a single PDF file. 

Copyright To prove you own an original music score, include a photo or scan of the cover of the book. If you are using a digital download, include a copy of the receipt. Some digital downloads have information on the bottom of the page showing proof of purchase.

Link to file Save your PDF file in a cloud storage location. Examples are Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox. You can set up an account for free if you do not already have one. You will need to submit the link to this file when you upload your performance video.

Step 2: Submit a video of your performance 
by Thursday, Nov 19

Prepare your video – Record your performance.  You can record at home using almost any camera, phone or tablet or your teacher can record you at your in-person piano lesson.
The maximum total time for your video is:
5 min for beginner to Grade 3
6 min for Grade 4-7
8 min for Grade 8-9
10 min for Grade 10 & up

  • Dress nicely, just as you would if performing live.
  • If you are playing 2 pieces, you must play both in 1 recording.
  • Introduce your piece by saying your name & the name(s) of the piece(s) you are playing.
  • Bow at the end of your performance just as you would when performing live. 

Upload your video to Flipgrid – Your student confirmation letter has a link to the Flipgrid location where you will upload your video.

If your class is in the Upper Hall use this link:

If your class is in the Sanctuary, use this link:

You will need to login with a Google or Microsoft account to upload your video. You can set up an account for free if you do not already have one. It can be a parent, teacher student account. 

Click the red “Record a Response” button. Click the 3 dots, then select “upload video”. Select the video file from your device.  If you get an error message, try using a different browser (Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome work best). 

Click the 3 dots, then click “select frame”. Choose any frame from the video. This will be the thumbnail for the video. 

Click the green “next” button to upload the video. 

On the final screen

  • add the performers name
  • add the title(s) of your piece(s).
  • copy & paste the link to the PDF of your music (if you are not dropping the book off ahead of time)

Step 3: Join Your Festival Class using Zoom

Performers join the festival class – Your confirmation letter will include your class day & time scheduled sometime on Nov 20-22 weekend. You will join using Zoom to hear the performances & receive your feedback. There may be a combination of in-person & online students in the class. The clinician may also ask you to try something at the piano (just like an online piano lesson). Parents can watch from the same room or go into another room to watch from their own device.

Audience members – There will be  a Zoom link & meeting ID in the program that you can send to parents, teachers, grandparents & anyone else who would like to watch your class. This link will also be emailed to you a few days before your performance.

Step 4: Certificates & Comment sheets

Your certificate, adjudication sheet, music, etc. will be delivered or mailed to your teacher within 10 days of the festival.