Students of any age, level and discipline are welcome.
Specific class information can be found here.
Grading for own choice material should be as found in Conservatory Canada or Royal Conservatory Syllabi.  If it’s not listed in a syllabus, the teacher may estimate its level.
The timing for each performance must be included on the entry to ensure appropriate class length.
Music for Clinicians: Participants must provide the clinician with a published copy of the music; proof of purchase of print music; or authorization for copying music. Music should be marked with bar numbers at the beginning of each line. Photocopying or reproducing in any way any part of the original music or text without the authorization of the copyright owner is unlawful and could lead to disqualification for gala or award consideration.
Memorization is optional. If you choose to perform using music, you will need two published copies or authorized copies: one for yourself and one for the clinician.
Accompanists: Where required, participants are responsible for providing their own accompanists. Accompanists must have a published copy of the music available at the piano.
Clinician remarks will be presented in a positive and encouraging master class format.
Gala Concert: Some students will be selected to perform in the Gala Concert based on the standard of their performance and the mandate of Contemporary Showcase Edmonton Society to present a variety of contemporary styles. 
Schedules will be sent to the teachers approximately 3 weeks before the festival.
Registration Fees vary according to class levels.  All fees are non-refundable.
Fees and class codes can be found here.

For more information please contact:

Sylvia Shadick-Taylor at (780) 619-1988 or