Volunteer Position Descriptions

Detailed instructions for each volunteer position are posted below.
A printed copy of these instruction will be available at each position during the festival. You do not need to bring your own copy.

Door/Hallway Monitor Guidelines

You will be situated so you can greet everyone arriving at the church and also monitor the entrances to both performance spaces.

  1. Please be punctual with your selected shift since we need someone at the entrance door at all times during the festival. 
    The entrance door must not be left unattended if unlocked.
  2. Provide a friendly welcome to all participants, parents and guests.
  3. Have programs available at your table. 
  4. If a student is unsure of their room, you can help them find their name in the program.
  5. Students and guests are welcome to enter the room at anytime EXCEPT if a student is performing or if the clinician is giving their adjudication.
  6. Anyone waiting to enter the Upper Hall should move into the back hallway to avoid congestion as others leave the room.
  7. Locate the nearest washrooms (very near where you’re sitting) in case anyone asks.
  8. Try to be aware of how many students have performed as the sessions are happening.
  9.  You may leave when your shift is over and the next door monitor has arrived, or at the end of the day once all students/parents/teachers have left.  Contact Sylvia to lock as you leave. (text 780-619-1988)
  10. If you need to temporarily leave your post, please put out the sign saying you’ll be back soon and then lock the door.
  11. A number will be provided to text in the highly unlikely event that someone enters who shouldn’t be there.  (This has never happened when someone was monitoring the door) Numbers for Committee members will also be provided.

Thank you for creating a pleasant and safe space for our festival participants!!

Secretary Guidelines

Please arrive 10 minutes in advance of start time. Extra supplies are in CS Bag.  

  1. Check supplies on clinician table – pencils, pens, eraser, cups, tissues, water, snacks.
  2. Ask clinician to sign all adjudication sheets and certificates.
  3. Ask clinician how they would like you to indicate if time is running late during adjudications.
  4. Check for one program posted on door.  Check off classes as they are completed.
  5. Greet participants and check off their names to determine if any are missing. The program will list which students will be attending virtually.  You can greet them online.

  6. 6a. Give the welcome speech as follows:
    – Welcome the performers, parents, teachers and guests.
    – Introduce the clinician and announce where their bio is listed in the program.

    6b.  Read the following:
    “We are delighted to have you share our 28th year with us while we explore and support Canadian music!  You are welcome to attend any classes during the festival and we would like to encourage you to attend the Young Composers Program Final Concert on __________ to hear music by some of Edmonton’s developing composers.  This concert will be available via Zoom also.  Contemporary Showcase runs on many volunteer hours, as well as personal and business donations.  We sincerely thank everyone who helps make it happen.  Please consider supporting the businesses who support this festival.”

    Then give the general announcements:
    – Students should leave their music with the secretary as they come up to perform.
    – If students are playing 2 pieces, they can take a moment between the pieces and then start
      their 2nd piece when they feel ready.
    – Students are welcome to ask for assistance with adjusting the piano bench.
    – Please turn cell phones off or put on silent. No texting or flash photography during performances.
    – If recording, please only record the participant you came to support.
      Do NOT record the adjudications.
    – Thank the person who may have sponsored this class. (see program)
    – Announce the Gala Concert that includes highlight performances from the festival. 
      The Gala will be held online, November 26th, 7:00 pm.

  7. Monitor traffic if necessary.  Others are welcome to enter between performances but not during performances or during adjudications.
  8. Assist clinician with adjudication sheets, certificates and music. 
  9.  Assist students with piano bench/chair if needed.
  10. Help keep the class running on time by alerting clinician to remaining time.
  11. Give each participant a Contemporary Showcase sticker – either after each one plays or at the end of the adjudications.
  12. After the class, thank the clinician for their input and the audience for their support.

Thank you for helping to make a pleasant and safe space for the students and guests!!

If a problem should arise, consult a committee member (wearing committee tags)
or text Sylvia Taylor 780-619-1988 

The festival board is always looking for new members. If you are interested, please contact Sylvia ivory88@interbaun.com

Sign up link will be active once positions are ready for posting.